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I am proud to be the Creator and Owner of Made With Lovee LLC. Starting this company, being passionate about the candle that are crafted and giving my children an example of being a business owner and following your dreams has been an amazing experience.


Hello, I'm Kourtney Greene! I am a mother of 4+2. I've always had a love for candles and amazing scents. Close to the end of 2020 I had the thought of making candles for home so I began researching how to make candles (DIY). The following year, I went through some very tough losses and my idea got pushed to the side. One night, unable to sleep I had the idea again but this time I put action behind it. I ordered my materials and once they arrived I began making candles. Through trial and error, came Made With Lovee LLC. I allowed scents to bring me to a better place. A safe space. It became my safe haven. I created Made With Lovee LLC in hopes that our products will help relax your mind, to motivate you and to help bring peace to your safe space. Thank you so much for your support.

Lovee Greene; Kourtney Greene
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